1. Automotive Blog

This is the blog for the car-obsessed. In addition to all the latest news in the automotive world, it offers analysis of the latest car concepts and production trends, as well as discourse with industry experts.

2. Popular Mechanics

If you love cars, then you’re almost certainly familiar with the magazine Popular Mechanics. Now you can get all the publication’s automotive content online, from how-tos on repairing your own hybrid vehicle to drool-worthy articles on hot new vehicles.

3. Auto Blog

Auto industry junkies, look no further. Auto Blog ‘obsessively’ covers the auto industry, posting the latest developments (and hottest pics) from all the major car makers.

4. Real Car Guys

The ‘Real Car Guys’ mix useful tips on car repair with insightful commentary on the latest car news, from 9-speed automatic transmissions to racing Top Fuelers.

5. Car Talk

Can’t get enough of Car Talk, the popular (and hilarious!) auto advice radio show on NPR? Get more crazy tips, hilarious antics and genuinely useful advice with Car Talk online.


6. Grease or Mascara

Who says that only boys can love cars? This female NASCAR mechanic blogs about her adventures, love of cars and balance between business and life.

7. Matthew’s Auto Repair Blog

Need to brush up on basic terminology or get useful tips on maximizing your gas mileage? Check out this friendly, accessible auto blog from Matthew, a journalist and long-time DIY car mechanic.

8. Free Automotive Mechanic

Wait, did you say . . . free advice? Sure, it is the blogosphere, but this experienced mechanic takes it one step further. Have a question about buying, maintaining or repairing a car that isn’t answered on the site? Just email him!

9. Auto Repair Information

ASE-certified master technician Mark offers invaluable info on car parts, troubleshooting and DIY auto repair.

10. Jalopnik

These bloggers are ‘obsessed with the cult of cars,’ covering new car releases, cars in the news, car ads and a lot more.

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